The MISTIC SEAS 2 project "Implementation of a coherent and coordinated sub regional approach to monitoring and evaluation of marine biodiversity in Macaronesia for the second cycle of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive MSFD" is the continuation of the MISTIC SEAS.

The official start-up meeting for the project was held in Lisbon at the Ministry of the Sea in March 2017.

The project MISTIC SEAS has worked in developing a methodology for monitoring the biodiversity descriptor in the Macaronesia sub region, focusing on the populations of three functional groups of species shared among the archipelagos of this sub region (Azores, Madeira and the Canary Islands).

MISTIC SEAS 2, which is part of the second cycle of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, aims to implement joint programs between Spain and Portugal to monitor the status of marine mammals, sea turtles and seabirds in the sub region of the Macaronesia.

MISTIC SEAS 2 started on March 2017 and runs up to March 2019, it has a total budget of 1.3 million euros and 80% co-financing from the European Commission. It is coordinated by the Regional Fund for Science and Technology (Regional Government of the Azores, Portugal), and has as partners the Regional Directorate of Sea Affairs, Regional Government of the Azores (Portugal); the Regional Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources, Regional Government of Madeira (Portugal); the General Directorate of Natural Resources, Safety and Maritime Services of the Ministry of the Sea of ​​Portugal; the General Directorate of Sustainability of the Coast and Sea, and the Biodiversity Foundation, both of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment of the Government of Spain; the General Directorate of Protection of the Natural Environment of the Government of the Canary Islands; the Regional Agency for the Development of Research and Technology and Innovation of Madeira; and the Spanish Institute of Oceanography.